About Me

Hi, I’m Nikki and I’m an addict…

Originally from Southern California, I’m currently living abroad and travel every chance I get. After a long love affair with Italy, I finally bought a one way ticket and now live in the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence. 

Many faces of Nikki

Exhibit A

Professionally, I’m a former English Teacher turned freelancer specializing in travel writing, copywriting, and digital communications.

Personally, I am a goofy free spirit with a big, dynamic personality (see exhibit A). I’m a strange mixture of inappropriate sarcasm, and smothering squeeze-you-until-you-can’t-breathe kind of hugger. Normal looking on the outside, Napoleon Dynamite dance party on the inside.


The climbing-the-corporate-ladder attitude that involved stepping on people on the way to success wasn’t what I had in mind for my future, so I’m blazing my own trail. My mom asks when I’m going to start my life, my friends still wonder how I actually did. This is living, even if I did throw away my 5-year plan.
Through the hard times, the uncertainty and everything in between, my new life mantra continues to echo in my mind:

a bad day out exploring the world is better than a good day in the ignorance of my comfort zone.


Ok, so I’m not a drug or alcohol addict (although somecropped-travel5.jpg cultures think all Americans are alcoholics). I do like a good cocktail, and I may have a slight caffeine dependence, but that’s besides the point.
My drug of choice is travel. I love the rush I get from landing in a new place; all five senses engaged, the energy, the people, the food, and the architecture and different landscapes overloading my mind. It’s a feeling like no other and I can’t stop chasing my next high. If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you can relate.


Follow my adventures as I write about my crazy life experiences, travel, cultural comparisons and observations, tips and how-to’s from experience, food, wine, with the occasional post about love and relationships, poetry, inspirational photographs and quotes, pop culture, and even fashion when it’s relevant. I love to share my stories, thoughts, advice, and overall life experience.


A Short [Personal] History

Wanting more than the glittered and grimy streets of LA, I began my journey of world exploration before I realized it. I took advantage of any adventure I could, even in my own backyard, craving something I couldn’t explain.

I studied sociology in university and found myself turning everything into a sociological 993680_10151777716609443_359155079_nobservation. Basically, I like to extreme people watch (aka being a creep, as you probably got from that part in my bio about watching people behind dark sunglasses). World travel has always been my dream, but it seemed unrealistic in the world of college, careers, marriage, and establishing the supposed one-size-fits-all American life. Like the ugly sweater your Great Aunt Agatha gave you for Christmas, I felt pressured to try it on, even though I knew it wasn’t my style. I even tried to convince myself it wasn’t so bad, especially taking cues from everyone else, but in the end it just simply wasn’t me. After choosing [wander]lust over love or security too many times, I finally bought a one-way ticket out of the country. Hoping to find what I was missing, I looked for the unusual, the romantic, the beautiful, the rare, the ancient, the misunderstood; anything I could find that made me feel something. I quickly learned that my view of the world differs from the most people’s and I used it to my advantage in my own travels, and writing. Now I live here in Italy, even after hardships, rocky relationships, and never feeling like I had a path back in the States. It took hard work, lots of sacrifices, and even some feelings of guilt, but none of it stopped me to from doing what I knew I wanted more in life than anything. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and although I am still learning, one thing is for certain: I create my own path.

Follow my journey as I discover the world around me, while also discovering more about myself.