La Dolce Vita: Ciao From Italy

As I write my first blog post from my bed in Florence, Italy, I can’t help but feel excitement for what this new blog means to me.
As I say R.I.P. to my old, and very embarrassing, beginner blog, I am starting fresh here with more to offer and a better understanding of my voice and audience. My goal is to keep it authentic. I’ll write about my views and observations of the world around me, travel advice, real life situations, and maybe I’ll even make you want to travel if you’re not already on the road. I mean, why else would you be reading travel blogs if you weren’t already wanderlusting? Just take the trip, you won’t be disappointed you did.

Not only is today special because I am writing my first post (although the site is still under construction, please be patient),  but my first article at Elite Daily was also published today…well, yesterday if you want to be picky about the time difference. This is exciting news because I put myself out there and I got published. My best friend kept urging me to apply as a Contributing Writer and I just didn’t feel motivated enough to compete with all the other amazing writers out there. Low and behold, I was accepted the day after I applied, and then within two weeks of submitting my first article, I was published. Boom, just that like that! That was the motivation I needed, which also led me to think about my old blog and how I could really improve it.

So, here we are. My introduction, my hello. Welcome to my crazy, fun, strange, expat/traveler life! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing about it!


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